Welcome to Gay Blender!

This is just a place holder. I don't know why you are even here reading this. You are not welcome. Please click here to leave now!

Good bye.

There will be columns!

Did you go postal?!

You can also show your respect for privacy by simply closing your browser window. You know it's that "x" in the upper right hand corner of this window. Or better yet press Alt+F4 ten times as fast as you can.

Even if you can't show respect for me, you could at least show a little respect for yourself and not surf the web in such skimpy, nay, slutty clothing. For god's sake man, put on some clothes. No body wants to see that. While you're up to fixing that, you should also really consider doing something about that rat's nest on top of your head that you call a hair style.

And really... Do something about the mess in this room, it looks like goodwill after a tornado in here.

There will be more!

You are just a tool, waiting for your next opportunity. You lead a hollow meaningless existence that no one wants to be a part of.

Can't you imagine a better way to spend your time than lurking on a strange website hoping that you'll stumble across someone's deepest thoughts, greatest ideas, or perverse travel photos?

With you squatting behind a keyboard, the internet doesn't have a chance at getting any better.

So in conclusion, before you fuck it all, go fuck yourself!